Santa Maria Elementary School was established in 1921 with two primary classrooms.  An additional room was built in 1929.  

The school took its name from the street where its main entrance is located.  In 1971, the cafeteria was constructed along with two additional classrooms.  In 1978, two more classrooms were added.  The last two rooms were added in 1994.  

Originally, the school was administered by supervising principals.  One of those principals was Mrs. Asher R. Smith.  She was assisted by Mr. J. W. Nixon, Physical Education Supervisor and Mrs. Woody Y. Bunn, Music Supervisor. 

The first full time principal assigned to Santa Maria Elementary was Mr. Joe Valle during the 1947-48 school year.  Other administrators included Mr. George McDonald and Mrs. Margaret Peterson.  Francisca Gonzalez began the transition of Santa Elementary School to a migrant school as state and federal funds became available.  

Mr. Arturo Gutierrez then became the director of the migrant program until 1977.  However, the school became a regular program facility in the 1978-1979 school year.